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Steep Plot?

Q We own a building plot and want to build on it. The land is quite steep; we’ve been told that site preparation will cost above average. If this is true can you advice, on what is the most economical approach to construct our home? And some indications on a suitable design plan for a sloping

site. N. Campbell, St. George’s



A The short answer is yes, sloping sites involve higher costs, but a lot depends on the individual design of a building. The reason for higher costs is excavation, further more; individual building sites also play an important role in determining the cost of construction. For instance, a level stretch of land will require far less foundation and site preparation than a site that slopes. A design that steps down the slope will be less costly than one which requires support construction below the floor line.


The support will introduce several levels that require connecting stairs. If you’re after easy living, less housework, this is not the answer. It does however, naturally define living spaces and can be an interesting design approach. You could also consider a pole frame construction, with a series of platforms stepping down the slope to form the various living areas. The same need for linking stairways applies here.





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