Building Solutions for Grenada


Simplicity with a touch of colonial elegance provides the foundation for Caribbean design homes. Furniture in white wicker and of course mahogany, floors of natural clay tile or hardwood and walls painted in bright white or tropical deco.

Roofing Materials & Roofing Contractors

The roof on your house can represent somewhere between a quarter and in many instances half the visual area of your home according to most construction experts. Therefore visual appeal is one good reason for giving the roof special attention, roofs are designed to do rather more than keep out rain and other weather elements. Whether it is the crowning glory of a cathedral or just a lid over one’s humble home, its requirements remain very similar. You can tell quite a bit about a roof by how it looks, usually a good indicator of a well laid roof is straight lines, if the roofing material used are set and fastened correctly, they should form lines all the way up and across the roof, this tends to point towards that the roof is well built and as a result will last longer. At first sight it should be pleasing to the eye, but to be deemed a success it must fulfill several functional objectives, in essence a successful roof represents a marriage of beauty and functionality. Appearance is also important but so is structural integrity, no matter how magnificent the cathedral looks it would be judged a failure if it leaked badly or posed a danger of collapse, the same can be said for the roof of your home.

Manufacturer and installer of roofing materials including standing seam panels, galvalume, aluminium, bermuda panels, hidden fasteners, seamless aluminium guttering, durable and reliable in a variety of colours for residential, commercial and industrial applications...


Rodney Hall Construction understands how difficult it can be to choosing a contractor when building a new home or extensions. Our commitment to quality covers our work on general construction projects, residential and commercial,  home additions, roofing contractor etc....

Adrian Gabriel has been working in the construction industry for over 26 years. Building structures in challenging locations is just one of their strength. A Residential building, roof repair and more.