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Draw up a plan for your new kitchen, try to place the sink, preparation area and hob first, then draw 3 lines to connect the three areas. This will usually result in a triangular shape. The smaller the triangle, the shorter the walking distance will be between the three main working areas in the kitchen. If this walking distance looks too big, try to put the three areas closer together, another important point for consideration is the sink be placed against an outside wall under the window, this will make the plumbing easier and also gives daylight where you need it most, you also have to think of existing ventilation points while planning the wall-cabinets, ventilation will be of the utmost importance in kitchens that are also used as dining area, as you will want to get rid of greasy steam and odors before it reaches your furniture and your guests.


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Their individually tailored construction service includes general construction, architectural designs, residential buildings, custom-made kitchens, and bespoke interior furniture. Whether your project is large or small. Understanding your needs combined with superior teamwork and hands on management. Your project is delivered with value and within budget....

Debron and Associates has an excellent reputation for customer service and the ability to meet deadlines consistently. They guarantee completion of each project with the upmost integrity offering a unique range of professional construction services and exceptional value for money. They provide their clients with high quality workmanship from minor refurbishments to turnkey residential and commercial services including kitchen design, general building contractors, painting and decorating, carpentry, and renovations....

Adrian Gabriel Construction company provides a high standard of work, from major  commercial projects, new house construction, home additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, extension, roof repairs and interior decorating, on residential and commercial properties.