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The Builder's Guide

The  magazine is the most trusted source for building  services in Grenada and a must for all potential homeowners to assist them in building better and safer homes. Our experienced editorial team have worked for many years in the construction sector. US$38.95

Looking to build, renovate or extend your residential or commercial property? and the Builder's Guide magazine can help take the worry out of selecting professional local building contractors & tradesmen for general construction, roof repair, furniture making, electrical installation, kitchen remodelling, plumbing and more.

The starting point is inviting builders to quote for your project — as opposed to giving you an estimate of the cost. A quote is a more binding price calculated using the information you, or your architect, provides. A builder will not be able to produce a quote until you have full plans and a detailed specification. The documents required by a builder in order to prepare a quote, known as the ‘tender documents’, need to include the following information:


    A full set of all plans and drawings


    Specification documents with as much detail as possible


    Details of any materials you will be using


    Details of any work you will be handling or subcontracting


    Details of any excavation, site clearance etc.





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