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Dear Sir,

    I refer to the article, Ivan was not to blame, by Brandon McKinley in the 10th Edition of the Builder’s Guide issue.    In my opinion I, ANYBODY who reads something in these days of hi-tech entertainment is worth of praise. Reading has never done any harm certainly not to me.    But back to the article. I was particularly impressed with the way the subject matter was sensitively explored.    We need more journalism like this, where people go out on the field and get accurate stories.

Bob Tolsey, Bournemouth, England




Dear Sir,

I purchased a Builder’s Guide Grenada on-line and I was surprised to hear that you have reached your tenth anniversary. Clearly you are now a well respected medium - you are an institution. I look forward to seeing you continute to enlighten the building public over the next ten years.

Michael Peal, Southampton, England

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Dear Sir,

    I am a small contractor who picked up one of your magazines and have always wondered how I can include my business on your publication.

    What do I need to send to you to get started?


Editor replies: You can contact us via email:

 One of our sales representatives will get back to you.

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We would like to build a house on a 1/2 acre plot we bought, chosen for the view, it's easy access to the city and the lovely neighbourhood, there were several objectives my wife and I had in mind when we set out to design this family residence. It was our intention to create a house with all the modern amenities of a conventional home, an open plan layout that would allows us to alter the use of space over time, it would be affordable with as little environmental impact as possible, adequate amount of windows to highlight the spectacular views, cross ventilation to cool and refresh the home throughout.

The architect we discussed our ideas with understood immediately what type of design we had in mind, detailed drawings to show how the component parts fit together to create the most efficient solution possible, a diverse collaborative team was in order beginning in the conceptual design phase, a holistic approach for communicating was established for fine tuning the project, taking into account construction methods, design aesthetics, affordability and site resources.


There were definitely trade-offs and compromises but this was a balanced process where the elements which were taken from one area ended up benefiting another, the integrated approach was the key to the project success. I believe the success of this project relied on the many synergies which occurred through planning. The Builder's Guide Magazine afforded us a resource of information and a better understanding of the building process, one of the most important synergies was pairing the resources of the site with our needs. An important lesson learned was how to take what may seem like a compromise and evolve successful relationships between the dynamic forces acting on a project. Thank you the magazine speaks volumes.

D. Fletcher, St. George's

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Dear Sir,

I read with interest that you have attained your tenth year in publishing and I would like to thank you on behalf of all the readers out there who have followed your Builder’s Guide. Yes, believe it or not I have every issue! However permit me one small gripe. Why don’t you publish more issues rather than once a year?

It would be of great service to your readership and we love the readers ask the expert articles. Anne Smiley


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