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The easiest way to invigorate the design of  your bedroom is to rearrange the furniture items you already own. No matter how big or small the room, if you are someone who always figured interior design would be better left to professional interior designers, fret no more. The following suggestions will help you embrace the task of choosing your furniture to create peace and harmony. Two rooms that are a constant design challenge are the master bedroom and bathroom. We like them to be functional, beautiful, romantic, practical and special. Attaining this takes some serious planning, thought and creativity. However, you do not need to spend a small fortune to achieve a beautiful unique design style.


Your master bedroom may already exist but needs some assistance to maximize the features it already has and inspire you to create a fabulous new look master bedroom. We have addressed different ways to maximize the function and beauty of your bedroom.


First, if your bedroom has a view then make the most of it, a flower garden, waterfronts, lush mountains, beautiful trees and shrubbery all add sparks of drama and character to any bedroom. Utilizing the view will also add a sense of tranquillity and relaxation factor. For privacy or sun control a pleated shade, mini blind, or pull shade can be added for closure.


Four poster beds hold a grand and magical place in most master bedrooms. They evoke scenes of fairytales, castles and times straight from a romantic novel. If you have decided to bring a little magic into your bedroom then what a marvellous decision you’ve made.


Your first consideration should be comfort. I know this spoils the romance of it all a little but when it comes to a bed you should never sacrifice comfort for style, you spend roughly one third of your life in bed and that’s a long time to be tossing and turning. If you are having your bed custom made, it is vital that you talk in length to the actual craftsman himself. Be sure to give him as much information as possible regarding your expectations and remain in close contact with him throughout.


Ask all the questions that concern you, use his expertise by asking his advice to get what you want. It is a good sign when the person who picks up the phone is the same one that is making your furniture. Talk about different styles of bed that are available. You should have a choice of posts, panels (headboards and footboards), woods (hardwoods, such as Mahogany, Yellow Pine, Blue Mahoe, etc. (from local sustainable sources), choice of colours, types of finish and of course mattress size. Good quality mattresses are the key to a good night sleep. Don’t be shy to try them out first to make certain that you find the most suitable one for you.


Look at pictures of the standard range, other customers’ beds and if there is nothing that suits you, ask whether something can be made that you do like. Some furniture makers are quite happy to custom make to customer specification, the majority of beds these days break down into sensible sized components for easy access into difficult to get at bedrooms.


Do not be misled by cheap deals, when it comes to a bed, quality counts. Custom made beds will last for several generations, so bear in mind that you will get what you pay for. Having said that however, there is no reason why you should not expect good value for money. High street shops and high profile businesses can be unnecessarily expensive, due to their overheads, so just keep looking for good quality materials and craftsmanship.


When your bed arrives dress it up! It doesn’t matter if it is a bedspread that you have in mind, just have fun and celebrate for what it is. Unless your bedroom is fairly large, you must also remember to tone down the rest of the furniture and decoration. A bed will generally dominate a room, this is fine if it is allowed to be the sole focus, but if it is fighting for attention with sideboards, wardrobes, paintings, ornaments and vanity chests the room will feel crowded and chaotic.


Cabinets offer smart storage solutions, a touch of elegance and warmth in the bathroom, however choosing cabinetry finishes can be confusing and challenging. Many existing homes will have traditional wood cabinets, laminate cabinets or the newer polyester finishes (usually white, ivory or wood imitations). Have your furniture maker custom-make your cabinets. There are several things to consider, keep the cabinets versatile; classic in style and colour finishes. This will enable you to have the most flexibility with decorating and prohibit any colour problems.


Consider using an antique buffet or chest of drawers for an elegant and unique vanity cabinet, they can be converted easily and are also cost effective. Install cabinetry built to a height you find comfortable (many vanities are too low), drawers should be deep enough to handle plenty of accessories. (I’ve had first hand experience with a vanity drawer in a beautiful bath so shallow it was useless). Shelving for towels is convenient, provides for a splash of colour and interest in the bathroom. Hardware fortunately can easily be replaced and updated as the room changes with new decorating and colour schemes.


Open the bathroom to light with sizable windows and allow the fresh air to ventilate the room will work magic in any bathroom. They will also provide the best lighting for practical purposes and a feeling of openness and size, not to mention capturing that view. The visual trick will enlarge the area and enhance the bathroom beautifully.


Practical hard surfaces should glisten glamorously while keeping moisture in its place. Ceramic tiles, solid-surface materials and natural finishes are durable and won’t be damaged by water. They should resist mould or mildew and provide a beautiful decorating element to the bath. Use them where appropriate and choose colour and style according to your decorating preferences.


Many of us need a special place in the bathroom where we can prepare and primp. The opportunities to accessorize and personalize the vanity unit will add beauty and charm, if space does not allow for these options, do the best you can with the available space, using your primping necessities as decorating assets. For example: Colourful perfume bottles, antique jars filled with cotton balls etc., silver or gold bowls for potpourri, hand towels etc.


The colours and styles choices are absolutely limitless! Consider your bedding ensemble, the bedroom wall colours and window treatments as you make your choices. You should consider the master bedroom and bath as one room and decorate them as such. The goal is to create a beautiful and romantic “master-suite”. Painting is also an ideal option for the bathroom walls. Traditional wall paint in a complementary colour to your décor may be the perfect decorating asset.


This will certainly be the least expensive and the easiest to accomplish. Using the same criteria in the above suggestions, choose a paint colour that complements the materials and finishes in the bathroom along with the colours and patterns in the master bedroom. Always remember to paint a test sample on the wall before total application, the bathrooms natural and artificial lighting will play severe tricks on the paint colour. You will avoid a costly and timely mistake if you follow this advice without fail for any room. Stencilling is also a wonderful option to add more colour and style to the walls. This can be done right over any painted wall. You have total control of colour and do not have to be artistic in any way to create a fabulous wall stencil design.


The cost factor in these options is very reasonable. The main investment is in tools that can be used again and again. Be sure to consider the master bedrooms décor when making colour choices for your bathroom walls. Accessorize the bathroom with special items such as personal mementos, area rugs, window treatments, towels, artwork, floral arrangements. Choose items you like and that will reflect the beauty and personality of your master bedroom.



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