Building Solutions for Grenada

3 Bedrooms 2 Baths, Caribbean Cottage, Colonial Home Style Designs


BG029 Quick Look

Size  1,936 sq. ft.

Beds  3

Baths  2

Depth  52 ft.

Width  68 ft.

Levels  1

Height  23 ft.

Ceiling Height  8 ft.


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About the House Plan


Caribbean house plans, Beautiful 3 bedrooms 2 baths, caribbean cottage, colonial  home style, 2000 square feet single level floor plan best suited for flat building plot. The bedrooms are more private and are tucked away at either end of the house. Special features of this small family home include high cathedral ceilings in the living room, the common rooms are very spacious with open floor plans connected to each other. The two car garage conveniently opens up to a mud room and is within close proximity to the laundry and mechanical rooms.


This colonial style house plan, are often characterized by multiple projections which make them adaptable to a variety of flat building lots and site features. Special emphasis is placed on quality exterior trim and siding details, signature features of a colonial  home style include quality exterior trim and siding materials and heavy columns on stone or concrete pillars.

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Building Sections


Construction details - typical wall section, foundation details, siding & trim details, window installation details, deck & patio details


Entry level floor framing plans, upper level  framing plans, roof  framing plan, sub  level electrical plans, entry level electrical  plan, upper  level electrical  plans, roof decking plan


Foundation: Type of foundation (basement, crawl space, etc) will depend on the foundation options chosen by the house plan purchaser.


Hidden elevations: Elevations which cannot be seen through a normal (side, front, or rear) view such as an internal courtyard or other obstructed spaces.


Entry level floor plan, upper level floor plans, Deck plans and drainage plans (When necessary) Rendering:  All at 1/4” scale - usually two sheets