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L. A. Purcell has a complete range of all the building materials that you need for every aspect of the build process, from below ground to trim finishes. We work with only the best suppliers in the industry. Our team of dedicated professional has a complete and thorough understanding of which materials are best suited to a particular application, from laying footings and building walls to roof installation. With such a large choice of construction materials on the market, it pays to draw upon the years of experience that our staff has gained from working on hundreds of projects, so with Purcell you're always going to get the best advice possible and free bulk deliveries.



Our range has increased and our stock has improved to ensure customer satisfaction when ordering, a readily available supply of outstanding lumber for builder and tradesmen island wide. Purcell’s  lumber/timber comes from certified 'chain of custody' sources, approved by programs for the endorsement of forest certification, and conforms to strict guidelines on sustainability as part of our commitment to dependable supply. Our range includes sheet materials like plywood, chipboard, MDF and OSB. We carry PSE timber, treated timber, sawn joinery, hardwood and softwood mouldings, and we're able to provide bespoke solutions for all projects.


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