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Grenadian who now live in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and the Caribbean are now saying to their family and friends to stick with their local favorite store, because L A. Purcell serve us well since 1938 and does not take back the raincoat. Whatever you need for building or furnishing your home, L. A. Purcell has the product range to meet your requirements.


Whether you are looking for designer sofas or a contractor wanting a rapid response to their building solution, L. A. Purcell has the products you need at affordable prices. L. A. Purcell has you covered for your home furniture and building materials, they make it easy with their finance plan "Cash if you have it, Credit it if you want it" is available for all the major items in-store.



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Lumber & Hardware Dept

OPen Mon - FRI 8 am - 4 PM   Sat 8 AM - 12 PM

River Road, St. Georges

Tel: 473 440-3647, 435-6840

Fax: 473 435-4824

Gore Street, St. Georges

Tel: 473 435-4072


Furniture showroom

OPen Mon - FRI 8 am - 4 PM   Sat 8 AM - 12 PM

granby St. Georges

Tel: 473 440-2438/2767/5532

Fax: 473 435-2084

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